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April 14, 2009

Dean didn't want to wake up early. My GPS said that sunrise was going to be at 5:55am, so I got up at 5:15am, and went out to Bryce Point to capture the sunrise on the cliffs, but it turns out that sunrise wasn't until an hour later. So I stood out on the point in the cold, freezing and alone until a bus full of Japanese tourists arrived.

Here is my morning shot of Bryce Canyon. It turned out to be an overcast morning.

I went back to cabin and slept until 9:30am. My fingers still felt frozen when I awoke. We proceeded to see several of the major landmarks in Bryce Canyon.

Then we headed south to Zion National Park.

There was a fruit tree growing on the side of the road!

It rained on us most of the time we were at Zion. These are the Sentinels.

This is the view from all the way up the canyon. You have to take shuttle bus to get there.

As we drove through the desert, we stumbled on a magical place with jousting knights and court jesters.

Tomorrow, I drop Dean off at his house in Coachella and then head back home. It sure was nice to have Dean around. I'll miss him when he goes into the Marines in June. I'm sure glad we got to spend some real quality time together.

In the next few days I'll post a recap of the trip, with my most memorable experiences. Until then, safe travels to you all!

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